1 Year of Thoughts & Wishes for my Grandson

Pick a card out each week for 1 year with a lovely message on.

from £7.50 *


A Special Birthday Box.

A Unique handmade Gift, for Male ad female.

Give them something that will make them SMILE!

from £4.00 *

A lovely gift for a very special person in your life ~ Unique to Little Boxes of Happiness

from £7.50 *

Happy 13th Birthday Box.

Suitable for Male or Female

Handmade and Unique can be personalised.

from £4.00 *

Happy 16th Birthday Box

A Great gift for any teenager.

Male or Female, can be personalised. 

from £4.00 *

Happy 18th Birthday Box.

A great gift for coming of age.

Suitable for Male of female ad can be personalised. 

from £4.00 *

Happy 21st Birthday Box.

This unique Handmade Box is a great gift, 

Suitable for Male or Female.

from £3.00 *

Happy 30th Birthday Box

looking for something different this gift is great,

Handmade and will make them SMILE!

from £4.00 *

Happy 40th Birthday Box

Looking for something different, Then look no further.

Thi gift will make them SMILE! and can be personalised.

from £4.00 *

Happy 60th Birthday.

If you are looking for something different for a gift, Then look no further.

Handmade gift, which can be personalised.

from £4.00 *

Happy 50th Birthday Box.

Looking for something different for this special Birthday, Than look no further.

Handmade and can be personalised.


from £4.00 *

New Parent Survival Kit

Great Little gift for any New Parent or Parents.

Always brings a SMILE!.


from £3.00 *

The Birthday Box

Unique Handmade Gift, Great for Male or Female.

Give them something different and make them SMILE!

from £3.00 *

Special Message Magic Bean

Great little gift that will always bring a smile. plant the bean and see the word appear. 


£1.25 *

Original Box of Happiness

Great for any occasion, for Male and Female.

 just to make someone SMILE!

from £3.00 *

Make your own Year of Thoughts and Wishes or Memories. 

great for Fun things, sentimental, or just a lovely gift

£4.00 *

You're So Special Box.

This is a lovely gift for anyone for any reason, just to let them know how much they mean to you.