Make your own Year of Thoughts and Wishes or Memories. 

great for Fun things, sentimental, or just a lovely gift


Unique handmade gift for your Daughter.

Pick a card out each week for 1 year.

Wedding, Birthday.

1 Year of Thoughts & Wishes for my Grandson

Pick a card out each week for 1 year with a lovely message on.

Unique Gift

52 Reasons why we're Friends.

Pick a special card out each week for 1 year.

Birthday, Christmas.

A Special Birthday Box.

A Unique handmade Gift, for Male ad female.

Give them something that will make them SMILE!

Year of Wishes for my Son.

Pick a card out each week for 1 year inspirational and sentimental quotes.

Box of Blessings,

This is a lovely Handmade gift, ideal for 

Christening's. New Baby, Communion, Weddings or many other reasons.

Box of Tools for My Dad.

Great little gift that will make your Dad smile.

Father's Day, Birthday, Christmas or just because.

Box of Love for My Grandma, Nan, Nanna

Remind them just how special they are.

Birthday, Christmas, Wedding Gift.

Box of Love for My Mum,

This Unique handmade gift will let your mum know just how special she is.

Box of Thanks

Unique handmade gift, that will make the recipient smile. 

Can be personalised.

Bridal Keepsake.

Polished Sixpence with tradition.

Unique Handmade Gift which can be personalised.

Bride to Be Box

A great gift for a hen night or the day of the wedding.

A special little gift something different.

Happy 13th Birthday Box.

Suitable for Male or Female

Handmade and Unique can be personalised.

Happy 16th Birthday Box

A Great gift for any teenager.

Male or Female, can be personalised. 

Happy 18th Birthday Box.

A great gift for coming of age.

Suitable for Male of female ad can be personalised. 

Happy 21st Birthday Box.

This unique Handmade Box is a great gift, 

Suitable for Male or Female.

Happy 30th Birthday Box

looking for something different this gift is great,

Handmade and will make them SMILE!

Happy 40th Birthday Box

Looking for something different, Then look no further.

Thi gift will make them SMILE! and can be personalised.

Happy 50th Birthday Box.

Looking for something different for this special Birthday, Than look no further.

Handmade and can be personalised.


Happy 60th Birthday.

If you are looking for something different for a gift, Then look no further.

Handmade gift, which can be personalised.

Table Cracker with Fortune Telling Fish. 

This is something a bit different for your Christmas Dinner table.


Lucky Bracelet.

Fab little gift to put in a birthday card or a great little gift for all ages.



Lucky Star Kit

a pack of strips and instructions to make your own lucky stars with special messages.

Great little gift.

My Special Dad Box.

A unique gift for omeone special in your life.

New Dad, Birthdays, Christmas, Fathers day

My Special Gradad

This unique handmade gift. Great gift for Birthdays, Christmas or Father's Day.

New Home Box

Looking for something different as a gift. Then look no further.

This can be personalised and is handmade and unique.

New Parent Survival Kit

Great Little gift for any New Parent or Parents.

Always brings a SMILE!.


52 Reasons Why I love you

handmade gift, Pick a card out each week for 1 year. perfect for someone special in your life.


Small tri table boxes

Contains special Chocolate and joke.

Great for xmas tree or table or a nice little gift. 

Special Message Magic Bean

Great little gift that will always bring a smile. plant the bean and see the word appear. 


The Birthday Box

Unique Handmade Gift, Great for Male or Female.

Give them something different and make them SMILE!

The Happy Marriage Kit

This is a lovely unique wedding gift that will make them smile!

It can be personalised.

Original Box of Happiness

Great for any occasion, for Male and Female.

 just to make someone SMILE!

The Pick me up Box

This is a lovely handmade gift that will cheer anyone up.

It can be personalised.

White Tri Table Crackers

just 50p each

They sit on your plate, personalise them.

Come with Chocolate, party popper, joke

The Work Survival Kit

Great gift for Secret Santa, New Job, promotion.

Handmade and unique, can also be personalised. 

Looking for a unique gift. This is very special for someone special in your life.

Birthday, Christmas or Wedding gift.

A Special Gift for your Dad.

Unique handmade gift, Pick a card out each week for one year 

Can be personalised.

A special gift for your Mum and Dad

they pick out a card each week for one year with lovely thoughts and sentiments. something very special.


This is such a lovely Unique handmade gift for your sister of any age. 

Great gift for Birthday's, Weddings, Christmas or just because.


Unique gift for your Daughter-in-law

Pick a card out each week for 1 year with lovely sentiments.

A lovely gift for a very special person in your life ~ Unique to Little Boxes of Happiness

A unique handmade gift for your Mum,

Pick a card out each week for one year, with lovely sentiments and messages. Can be personalised.


You're So Special Box.

This is a lovely gift for anyone for any reason, just to let them know how much they mean to you.

Great gift for a New Mum.

a little reminder as to what a special time this is. 

Will bring a SMILE!