Valentines Magic Beans

These are fabulous Little gifts.

The special Message Magic Bean comes in an organza bag either Red or White and with either Lindt Chocolate Bear or a solid Chocolate Heart.

The Bean has I Love You on it and when planted as the bean comes through the ground the lovely message appears letting your loved one know just how much they mean to you.


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A Special Birthday Box.

A Unique handmade Gift, for Male ad female.

Give them something that will make them SMILE!

from £4.00 *

Bride to Be Box

A great gift for a hen night or the day of the wedding.

A special little gift something different.

from £3.00 *

52 Reasons Why I love you

handmade gift, Pick a card out each week for 1 year. perfect for someone special in your life.


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Make your own Year of Thoughts and Wishes or Memories. 

great for Fun things, sentimental, or just a lovely gift

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You're So Special Box.

This is a lovely gift for anyone for any reason, just to let them know how much they mean to you.

Special Message Magic Bean

Great little gift that will always bring a smile. plant the bean and see the word appear. 


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